Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

BMx comunity

BMx comunity menyedia kan aktivitas untuk bermain sepeda bersama* dgn kawan kawan
bagi yg ingin bergabung Step 1- Making the mark
Take the marker, and hold it against the forks facing the rim.
Spin the rim and start sliding the marker closer and closer toward the rim.
When you start to feel the marker touch the rim, take it off.
You will end up with a mark like below, thats where the rim is most bent.

Step 2- Knowing what to tighten
Heres the tricky part, first lets look at the mark-

(that marks crap cause i free handed it since my rims straight, yours will look better)

Now the way to get the bend out, is by tightening the opposite side of the hub's spokes from where the rim bends out.
The picture explains it nicely-

The arrow is the direction of where the bend is on the rim. And then i circled the side of spokes you have to tighten to pull the rim the opposite way of the bend to get the bend out.

Step 3- Trueing the rim
Now that you know what to tighten, its time to get started.
First start with the spoke on the outside of the mark, remember to make sure its one of the spokes on the opposite side of the bend tho.

Half a turn is good enough for each spoke. Remember though that its opposite and you have to turn left in order to tighten.
So first half tighten that spoke, then loosen the next one ( the spoke on the side of the bend) about 10 percent of a full turn.
Repeat that process untill you get to the end of the marking.
The picture should explain it well.

T= tighten
L= loosen

Do that process, spin the wheel and check the bend. If its still bearly bent, repeat this process but dont turn the spokes as much. Common sense should tell you the amount you should turn on each spoke.